(5) Problems With Hiring a Freelancer

(5) Problems With Hiring a Freelancer

Interested in hiring a freelancer to develop your website?

If you’re seriously interested in hiring a freelancer to develop your website, seriously, you should read on. A lot of our customers come to us with a list of issues that come up because they found a freelancer online to complete their website. These “issues” are more like calamities…

Most common complaints regarding Freelancers:

1. I can’t get a hold of the freelancer
Not being able to get a hold of your freelancer when an issue arises can cause real damage to your business. If a visitor sees a broken website they will certainly hit the back button and bounce; that customer could be worth thousands.

2. My website has pirated plugins and software that are breeding viruses
Freelancers don’t pay for their plugins and tools, they find pirated copies. These pirated programs can spell disaster a few weeks or months down the line. At the very least, you’ll get viruses and malware on your website. Pirated software might also send red flags to google and search engines, which can cripple your brand and efforts online.

3. I need to switch website hosting
You want to switch to a premium host because your visitors are receiving warnings from their browsers when accessing your site. Visitors are being told that your site may be malicious, and that hackers are trying to steal their information… do you think your visitors will proceed? Freelancers don’t buy premium hosting.

insecure site


4. My freelancer purchased my domain for me.
This can be a huge problem for you. When your freelancer buys your domain, it’s not your domain, it belongs to the freelancer. When time for renewal comes along, the freelancer will charge you an arm and a leg to renew your domain… it can become a hostage situation and you start negotiating for your website. If you don’t renew with your freelancer you will lose your emails and website, and potentially, all your SEO and digital marketing efforts. This might be necessary going into the future

5. How can I hold the freelancer accountable?
If you signed no contract, then there is no accountability. You gave a stranger access to your business and you should have known better. There is nothing you can do now, either negotiate with the enemy or start over on the right foot.

Hiring a Freelancer can be a disaster

If you try to cut costs and go with a freelancer, you’re almost certainly going to fall prey to the traps lying in wait. Hiring an established company with a contract and favorable terms and conditions is the only way to ensure you’re rights as you navigate the unknown world of digital marketing.  If you’re interested in learning more  (about freelancers), please email or call Summit Digital Development for expert advice.

Zaman has a BSc in Business Administration and a background in sales and marketing.