What is Affordable Web Design in Dubai?

What is Affordable Web Design in Dubai?

There are hundreds of web design companies in the UAE. Read here and find out the different price ranges and what to expect from each segment of design agencies.

What is Affordable Web Design in Dubai?

An “affordable website” means different things for different people, but here we will assume affordable web design for startups and small businesses.

Our marketing team conducted research online and by telephone surveys to find a few numbers of interest. We’ve come to the conclusion that there are 4 groups of web design agencies.

1. Freelancers– By the look of the website you would think they are a company… except… there is no office phone number (landline) or location on a map. Websites in this group are riddled with grammar mistakes and links that are broken. These are the cheapest for obvious reasons.

2. Small Design Agencies- A working website, usually with an abandoned blog. We have found former clients of this group to be disenfranchised by the dismal level of service and add-ons that jack up the price.

3. Established Agencies- These usually boast multiple branches across the world. They more than likely bundle web design together with SEO to become quite affordable for a small business or startup.

4. International Communication Firms- These large communications firms are a sure way for other large international corporations to get quality work done without worrying about quality. 35k for a website is really the starting point. Our research found clients that paid 250-500k AED for a corporate website.


What’s the Difference?

Freelancers can’t stray too far from their strengths. They typically use the same template for a website, change the logo and colors, and they’re done. Don’t expect much more than a basic 5 page website because they can barely handle that much.

Small Agencies can usually do what needs being done. They tend to have a handful of developers that can manage to learn, copy and reproduce whatever is required. If the job is complex and not within their comfort zone, time and quality are likely to suffer.

Established Agencies aren’t very different from the small agencies. They are confident in their strengths, and even if the project is outside their specialization, they are likely able to deliver. Time and quality are the issue.

International Communications Firms have the resources and experienced staff to deliver quality results on time. They can also meet the time constraints and contractual obligations that another large corporation would impose on a complicated piece of technology being developed by a contractor.


A small company looking for an affordable website should learn from others’ experiences and steer clear of freelancers. The small amount of savings isn’t worth the potential hazards and certain regret that is waiting right around the corner. The only real difference between small agencies and international giants is the quality, time-frame, and cost it wold take to develop a complex solution. A simple website isn’t too difficult to be done by a small company.

Summit Digital provide companies websites with 1 year of free hosting, starting at 2000 AED.

We also provide down-payment plans for companies that don’t want to compromise on digital marketing but can’t afford it all.

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Zaman has a BSc in Business Administration and a background in sales and marketing.