Benefits Of A Website

Benefits Of A Website

All digital marketing firms agree… you need a website. If there was no point to having a website then the leaders in your respective industry wouldn’t have one, right? But we both know that they have a website. Chances are that you wouldn’t be here if you didn’t already know that you need a website and recent surveys reveal that you aren’t alone, small businesses are picking up on the trend that consumers are online and are getting websites.

71% of small businesses have a website
92% of businesses without websites report they will have one by 2018

The fact is that, at the very least, your website is a brochure. It provides valuable information to existing customers, such as contact info, products/services, their benefits, and price; it is a Hi-Fi sales brochure. But your website is never just a brochure.

10 websites visited before a B2B purchase was made
80% of consumers report researching online before buying

 Your website is your second storefront, that just so happens to cost a tiny fraction of what your current brick and mortar store costs. Your website passively being online not only provides a valuable resource to loyal customers, it is advertising your business to qualified customers, the type that are looking to buy. Even without a digital marketing campaign to support your brand, your website is increasing your sales and brand recognition.

Digital Marketing has almost democratized online business. Although bigger players can throw more cash at search engine advertising and content writers, the internet has opened up targeted advertising to small and mid-sized businesses, empowering them like never before. Now SMEs can advertise in a certain location, target a specific demographic, and produce engaging content that communicates directly to targeted consumers; something large companies can’t focus on.

5-7km the distance consumers look for businesses online

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