My First Time using WordPress – And I was Surprised

My First Time using WordPress – And I was Surprised

My first time using WordPress and here are my remarks. WordPress is incredibly easy to use, intuitive and visual – three features that are a must-have for a busy person like me, who doesn’t have enough time to devote to managing a website, but won’t accept anything that looks subpar.

WordPress is Easy and Visual = Intuitive

As a writer, most of my time and energy is spent on curating content, not on the backend of a website. So when I was asked to explore this website, which is a WordPress website, from the backend – or in other words, tinker around with its content management system (CMS) – I thought, “I don’t know computer code, so how was I supposed to make changes to a website?”

But quickly, my worries were allayed. I was blown away by how easy it was to navigate, make changes, and upload content and images to the WordPress CMS.

Thanks to the “visual composer” tool, I didn’t feel like I was in the overwhelming, HTML-coded backend of a website at all.

In fact, I was just on the website like a normal visitor, looking at it as it normally appears (the frontend). But I was able to click anywhere there was text or pictures, and edit them directly. This made the process extremely natural, just like I was perusing through any website, but if I saw something I’d like to change – the content, the layout, the image – I would just click on it and a pop-out box would appear where I could make the changes.

I could also drag and drop easily to position things where I wanted. And adding new columns or rows, for pictures or content, was super simple.

Extremely Robust and Versatile

As I was exploring the WordPress CMS, I quickly realized how robust it is. Meaning, it offers many different options for how to present the content on the website. Selecting different elements will change fonts, styles, sizes and so much more, enabling you to completely customize the site.

Elements like “Call to Action,” “Icons,” or “Max Title” provide unique formatting and stylistic options for communicating your key messages.

Adding contact forms, or Google Maps, or an informational pie chart, is literally as simple as a click of a button. Honestly, it seems as if WordPress has thought of every possible idea that someone might need to communicate on a website. All you have to do is find it in its library of elements, which is also extremely easy to navigate.

Creating a WordPress website from scratch – now that may be better left for the experts. But managing it is actually a lot of fun.


Erica Solomon is a writer with over 10 years experience writing copy and editing. An avid marketing researcher, she stays up on the latest trends in everything digital.