Why Hiring a Branding Agency is Key to Winning Loyal Customers in Dubai

Why Hiring a Branding Agency is Key to Winning Loyal Customers in Dubai



Your company’s uniqueness, voice, and values are represented by your brand.

But sometimes it is hard for a startup, or even a multinational company, to define their identity, or what it is that makes them unique. A branding agency can help define your company’s culture and put it into words and imagery in a way that is visually appealing to influence customers.

When you are looking to brand your new company, or re-brand an existing one, hiring the right branding agency that knows how to convey your unique corporate values is key.

Here are the 3 main objectives of a branding agency:

  • To deliver the right, clear message to your target audience about your company
  • To create an image of your company that reflects how you want your customers to perceive you
  • To help your company connect with your customers emotionally

When customers connect emotionally to your brand, then you have succeeded in building trust and loyalty. And once you have trust and loyalty, you will spark a chain reaction: Your loyal customers will become your most important marketing team; they will promote your company through word of mouth – the most valuable source of marketing (read: 92% of consumers believe suggestions from friends and family more than they do advertising).

According to this article from Entrepreneur, your brand defines the ‘You’ in your business.  Analysts discovered that 50% of consumers become loyal to a brand during their very first purchase. This means that half of the customers who buy a product or service from a company maintain a strong connection with that company. But whether they stay loyal or not depends on the company’s branding strategy. Are you simply coming up with a logo and catchy tagline? Or are you reinforcing your message, values, and culture to your customers through an informed branding strategy?

Branding Agency Dubai

Standing out in Dubai is no easy task. In 2018, over 532,000 business licenses were issued in the UAE, which was 9% more than in 2017.  With over half a million companies, and a rapidly growing population, there is a lot of competition in Dubai, and a lot of people to market your brand to.

Here at Summit Digital Development, not only are we an affordable web design company based in Dubai, but we also look into branding more indepth. We conduct extensive research to promote and endorse your company’s credibility.

Whether it’s a small start-up or a large company that’s been around in the market for a long time, Summit’s team follows a meticulous process to create an optimal branding strategy:

  • We first identify what makes your company unique. We conduct interviews and surveys to understand the underlying company culture and the company’s future aspirations. We develop your mission/vision statement, to help clarify your company’s brand and what you want to communicate to customers.
  • We then study and understand where your company stands in the current market and where it needs to be. With the help of assessment tools, we determine who your target audience is and analyze their buying behavior.
  • Then we study the competition to understand where buyers are going in your market and why. This helps us create personas for your potential customers. With customer personas, it becomes clear exactly who we need to market to and attract.
  • At this point, we begin designing a unique logo, messaging and other marketing collaterals to help distinguish your company from your competitors and to promote a strong brand identity that fits your company’s culture and your target audience’s expectations.
  • Finally, we test out whether your new or updated brand is gaining traction in the market. We analyze and collect feedback to ensure the new brand is having the desired effect.

To sum it up, if you own a business, then you have at least one reason why customers should choose you over your competition. Branding correctly, responsibly and creatively will make sure that reason, and others, are effectively conveyed.

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