Mobile App Development Dubai

mobile app development dubai

Mobile App Development Dubai

Mobile app development in Dubai and the UAE is a competitive market that is complicated for many reasons. Finding the right mobile app development company in Dubai requires an informed customer. Be patient as you request proposals and narrow your search down to qualified companies.

(5) Things You Should Know Before Approaching Mobile App Developers in the UAE

  1. Do you know why you want a mobile app?Mobile app development Dubai
  2. Do you know what features you need your mobile app to perform?
  3. Is cost the most important factor or the final product?
  4. What kind of mobile app do you need?
  5. Is the Mobile App Company able to deliver your product?

Why do you want a mobile app?

You want mobile apps for different reasons; some good, and some great. At the very least a mobile app can be your company brochure for regular customers to access. Mobile apps can reduce your paperwork, gather valuable marketing data, and increase your brand recognition. At best, your mobile app is a disruptive entry into the marketplace that offers innovative and unique value or services to the masses. Which one are you thinking of creating?

 What features do you want on your mobile app?

What your app is meant to do determines a lot about the cost, technology, and timeframe of development. Some apps just relay static information, and some are dynamic. Some apps supplement a brick-and-mortar business while others are just the business. Does your app need the mobile camera, and push notifications, or the GPS feature? These are some of the most important questions that determine the direction you will take and ultimately, the development company you will partner with.

Is cost the most important factor, or performance?

Cost is the killer for some would be entrepreneurs. Mobile apps with interactive features are more expensive than a straightforward brochure. Some entrepreneurs in Dubai want an app to perform on par with giants across the globe but only have 10K AED, when those giants have spent a hundred times that amount. Interactive apps can be accomplished one of two ways: Hybrid, and Native apps.

Hybrid apps are more affordable to develop and maintain. Hybrid apps are developed in web technology and mimic pure native apps as best as possible. Developed online, one version runs on both Android and IOS platforms. This also means they are easier to maintain as changes are made to one version and they go live on both mobile platforms. Hybrid apps are limited by how much of the native mobile hardware they can use.

Native Apps are able to utilize all of the phones hardware. This means an app created in native languages can access the phones GPS, camera, gallery, push notifications, and much more. The UX and UI are also optimal as these versions are made specifically for each platform. The cost of developing native apps is far higher than hybrid apps, since each platform has a different team of specialized developers. Changes to the software must be made across different versions, and only go live with the app is updates from the app store.

Can a Mobile app development company in Dubai deliver your product?

Mobile app development companies in Dubai and the UAE are saturated with freelancers, and companies that outsource. Click here to read about problems with freelancers. To be very frank, it is a huge risk to put large sums of cash into the hands of a few freelancers and not have any leverage like a contract. An uneducated customer might choose to go with the lowest proposed price, but low prices are not a sign of confidence and quality.

Summit Digital Development is proud to be a mobile app development company in Dubai that does not rely on freelancers; we have our own team of mobile app developers that are able to give Dubai and UAE entrepreneurs affordable rates while still delivering quality products. Call us to find out how we can bring your vision to fruition without sacrificing key features and functions. 



Zaman has a BSc in Business Administration and a background in sales and marketing.