SEO Benefits

SEO Benefits

What is Search Engine Optimization… and how is it beneficial?

The first page of a search engine’s results is the most coveted real estate on the internet. No wonder getting there is so difficult and the way shrouded in secrecy. Search Engine Optimization, or SEO for short, is the term used to describe how professionals propel websites to the first page, and SEO benefits is what this article is all about.

34.36% of all traffic goes to the #1 spot

A third of all people interested in your services click on the website listed on top of page #1, which translates into lots of potential buyers perusing that site; how many potential buyers you might ask… depending on your industry, thousands or millions of visitors a month. Think of all that money.

70% of all traffic goes to the top 3 sites

So how do you get to this prized position? Getting to the top of the first page requires first knowing what SEO is. There are two major components of SEO: onsite and offsite.

Onsite SEO is making sure the construction and code that comprises your website adheres to the latest standards put out by the search engines. This means labeling and describing pages, images, and ideas, as well as utilizing the correct keywords. What are Keywords? They are the key words and phrases your customers use to find you and your competitors. It is important that you lace your content and code with the keywords buzzing about your industry.

Offsite SEO is the network of interlinking pages that your website is a part of. Having many quality pages link to yours not only drives traffic to your site, it also tells search engines that your website is part of a digital community. In other words, you are noteworthy.

One component of SEO without the other is almost useless. If you want to make the most of your website you most certainly need to build yourself into a vast network of websites, and you need to ensure that the code and content on your page is ready to deliver what visitors are looking for.

90% of all traffic goes to the 1st page only

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