Top 10 Proven Methods to Improve SEO on a WordPress Website

Top 10 Proven Methods to Improve SEO on a WordPress Website

Many of our clients come to us for advice on how to get their company’s name, products, or services to the first page of google search results. They have no idea that there are ready-made marketing tools available with one-click-install that increase organic traffic to their website and require very little technical abilities. Clients want easy solutions that are effective and improve SEO with the aim of getting them higher rankings than their competitors. Summit Digital Development’s marketing team guides our clients by implementing good SEO practices.

10 tips to boost your ranking on Google

  • Using SEO plugins

After downloading an SEO plugin for your WordPress CMS (we recommend Yoast) you will follow the simple steps to configure it. Then, your pages and posts will show suggested keywords and other essential information like titles, meta description, and linking. These suggestions are meant to bring your site in line with Google’s algorithms. Yoast plugins can guide you on whether the keywords you are using are right for your content and if your content is too wordy.

  • Optimizing your images on WordPress website

Uploading high quality images on your website not only increases the number of clicks on your link but will also help Google in recognizing your content. Giving a name to your image will help in ranking your page.

  • Use different content for each page

In order to avoid being penalized, you need to make sure that no duplicate content will be included in each page on your website and the description for each page must be different from the other. Do not compete with your own pages for keywords.

  • Always use WordPress categories

It’s always better to categorize your product/service on your website to make it easier for visitors to find relevant topics that they were looking for and it helps in introducing them to the article’s content.

  • Use the right permalinks

It is always recommended to include a number in your title to increase the number of clicks. If your content title is long, make sure that your permalinks is short and doesn’t exceed five words and always include hyphens and not underscore as Google can consider underscore as an extension of the word therefore reducing your page ranking.

  • Engage with your users using WordPress functions

Besides having an attractive website with the right content, you need to take into consideration how to interact with your customers. WordPress has many functions such as pingbacks and blog rolls. Once google finds out that you are becoming popular in other websites or competitors, they will right away boost your page. Building a relationship with more popular competitors can be done by using for example a function on WordPress called Pingbacks, which notifies an author of an article that you’ve linked to on your site. Trackbacks is another function that notifies an author that you have mentioned their work even though you haven’t included their link. It is important to constantly track these mentions and links so you can find out which external content is going to help in ranking your page.

  • Invest in the right hosting

To increase your website speed and avoid crashing of your website, you need to invest on the right web hosting which will encourage organic search traffic. There are several hosts that you can select. We recommend Siteground and Bluehost for their WordPress hosting solutions.

  • Create sitemap using XML

Creating a sitemap in your website will help google to get your business pages to sitemap generator. All you have to do is copy and paste your URL link into the text box, select the appropriate answer for three questions and your sitemap will be ready using a sitemap generator.

  • Write the right title and meta tags

This is the first step that everyone needs to pay attention to when trying to get on the first page of Google. You need to look for a catchy title with an appropriate meta tag for your article. If you fee like it is a challenge for you to find the right title and meta tags, another WordPress function that will make your life easier is the Platinum SEO Pack plugin which enables you to post content for SEO and optimize pages, therefore automatically generating meta tags.

  • Don’t add irrelevant keywords

Just because you want your website to be on the first page of Google it doesn’t mean that you have to include so many keywords in your content and especially irrelevant ones that are not related to your article. You need to include the appropriate keywords that match your content and keep in mind that it should be between three to five keywords.

WordPress functions for ranking your page

WordPress offers you many functions for free which you can use for ranking your page on Google. For more information on how to setup plugins on WordPress and using their functions visit our website





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