How Much does a Website Cost?

How Much does a Website Cost?

How Much does a Website Cost?

Websites cost less and less due to improvements in the technology, countless freelancers, and the growing number of software developers exiting college. A website can now cost you as little as 50-100 dollars.

Improvements in Technology- With WordPress, Joomla and other similar content management systems widely available, building a website has become simpler. This means many people are competing to make websites, effectively driving the price down and, unfortunately, the quality of websites. Buying a premium template online, customizing it, and hosting it online can cost in total 50-100 USD. Whether or not this is for you is another question… should you build your own website?

Freelancers- Freelancers are now readily available online to build websites. There are a lot of problems associated with hiring a freelancer (should I hire a freelancer?), but a benefit of so many freelancers is that prices have gone down. It is now common for small business owners to utilize Indian, Pakistani, and Bangladeshi freelancers in order to save money. Freelancers can build a website for 100-300 dollars on the low-end, but quality can be questionable.

Web Development Company- Companies are being forced to compete with the freelancers and do-it-yourself platforms. It is now common to be offered a website 500$ from a brick-and-mortar web development company. Though a little pricier, the cost is usually well worth it. A proper company is obligated under contract to meet certain standards and performance indicators.


A website done by yourself can cost as little as 50-100 USD, but the process is difficult, and the website wont be impressive.

A website done by freelancers is can run between 100-300 dollars on the low-end, but there can be issues with copyright infringement, and bugs that will surely be there for you to find.

A website done by a company can cost as little as 500 dollars for starters, more costly, but you have your rights enshrined in a service contract.

Summit Digital Development makes websites starting at 2000AED, and offers affordable payment options for startups so that quality isn’t compromised as you take your business online.

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