What is a CMS?

What is a CMS?

What is a content management system (CMS)?

Content management systems are programs built into the back-end of websites that enable the administrator to easily edit the content seen by visitors. Once upon a time, before mainstream content management systems like WordPress and Joomla, websites were largely static. Static websites were built and maintained by a dedicated team of web developers. Changing the content and structure required expertise in a few different programming languages.

What’s changed?

As the technology and languages evolved and programmers and ideas proliferated -as with all technology- ease of use was facilitated. The wheel, steam power, and electricity, did for the development of society what the content management system did for the web industry. Small businesses, bloggers, and e-commerce entrepreneurs are empowered to compete on the information superhighway without the need for expensive expert developers. These websites that change easily are known in the industry as dynamic websites

What’s the same?

Building a beautiful website with robust functionality and customized applications still isn’t easy. The sheer amount of available plugins is mind boggling. Sorting through hundred and thousands of competing apps for what suits your needs is entirely time consuming and quite complicated, the chances of finding what perfectly suits your business without professional support is highly unlikely. If you’re operating a business it still makes sense to spend and get a website that is optimized to generate sales; from the look, layout, interface, and on to functionality.


Content management systems, whether custom built or mainstream, have enabled the common person to easily edit and update their websites. There are numerous benefits that accompany the CMS, including lower maintenance costs, more relevant content, and higher SEO rankings as more pages are indexed by search engine crawlers. If anyone offers to build your business a static website, show them to the exit.


Zaman has a BSc in Business Administration and a background in sales and marketing.