What is WordPress

What is WordPress

What is WordPress?

There is the easy way to say it and the hard way. Chances are that if you need to learn what WordPress is, it wont be easy to explain it to you. Still, we will do our best to explain precisely what WordPress is and its benefits.

First the to-the-point, but technical, way:

WordPress is a website design and development framework written in PHP that is open-source, with robust applications and plugins. It has a user friendly content management system.

Now the longer, but more understandable, way:

WordPress is a program/software that allows non-technical users to create and edit their websites. WordPress is an “open-source” community, where other developers are creating websites (called themes) and applications (called plugins) that you can use for free, or a small price. 

What does that mean?

People with the most basic computer skills can easily maintain and edit their websites, there are hundreds of thousands of plugins and themes to choose from, and there are new and exciting applications being developed that add additional functionality to your website… There is seemingly endless possibilities to customize your website.

Our writer Erica just had her first WordPress Experience,  learn how easy it was for her. If she can do it, anyone can.

From a novice standpoint:

You can easily install WordPress onto your hosting service. After installing it you can select a theme and install that. If you need a specific application for your website, such as a payment gateway application or appointment management application, find it and install it. With no help from a developer, some patience, and trial by fire, you will end up with a functioning website that doesn’t look too bad.

WordPress is a game changer for small businesses and startups, empowering them like never before.

Zaman has a BSc in Business Administration and a background in sales and marketing.