Top 5 SEO plugins for WordPress

An infograph of the top 5 SEO plugins

We have compiled a list of the top 5 SEO plugins most used worldwide. These plugins have the best results and most supporting documentation.

There are more than 48000 plugins available in WordPress nowadays and finding the right plugins to boost your brand can be nerve wracking.

Looking to capitalize on your website? These SEO plugins we listed below will easily increase your visibility and profitability because they are the best.

SEO plugins are very beneficial and improve the search visibility of your website. They also add new features that expand the functionality of your website.

  1. The first popular SEO WordPress plugin that is widely installed by many users is called the Yoast SEO. Yoast is user-friendly and provides many features for improving SEO and SERP. Some of these features allow you total control of on-page title tags, headings and meta descriptions. Yoast also acts as a search engine result page preview. This SEO plugin helps in optimizing your blog posts or pages for social media platforms with titles and descriptions and also creates XML sitemaps to help search engines index content of your website.
  2. Our second SEO tool is W3 Total Cache. This plugin helps to boost your page load speed; an essential part of being found on the first page of Google rankings. Visitors don’t wait for slow sites to load, they bounce and leave your site in the lurch.
  3. This third SEO plugin encourages social sharing and is called AddtoAny Share Buttons plugins. As the name suggests, this plugin helps your website visitors to share and promote your latest social media content on social media platforms. Sharing social media content won’t have any negative impact on your rankings, instead it will bring natural links back to your website which will have a greater impact for the user’s website.
  4. The Redirection WordPress plugin is the fourth widely used SEO plugin that is used resolve the 404 error pages on your website. This plugin will log your 404 pages to keep you updated on any path changes that require attention and helps in minimizing the error pages to keep the internal linking flowing.
  5. The final plugin is the all-in-one rich snippets plugin which helps driving organic click through rates. With all these plugins that are available in WordPress, your website will remain on the top of Google rankings.


These SEO plugins will help with different important areas of your website to increase speed, click-through-rate, and onsite SEO… ultimately increasing your visibility, rankings, and sales.

We suggest you try these plugins as they are widely used, very easy to configure, and there is a wealth of tutorial videos online to learn from.

The time to get your business website or personal blog to the front page is now, as the competition is sure to heat up. Don’t miss the next big internet boom!

Zaman has a BSc in Business Administration and a background in sales and marketing.